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The construction of the Basilica of Santa Maria Steccata began in 1521 and finished in 1539 and it was dedicated to Mary, mother o Jesus.
Since 1718 is the seat of the Order Constantinian. In 2008 it became minor Basilica.

Basilica of Santa Maria Steccata  Decorative statues of Basilica of Santa Maria Steccata - Parma  Foreshortening of Basilica of Santa Maria Steccata

Inside the church you will find paintings and frescoes of the school of Parma, Parmigianino, Michelangelo Anselmi and Bernardino Gatti. Inside there’s the crypt  wanted by the Duchess Marie Louise of Austria in 1823 to preserve the remains of the dukes and princes of the Farnese family, the Bourbons (the ashes were transferred from the church of Santa Maria of the Temple).

The “Steccata” has a Renaissance baroque, the architects who worked here were:

  • Bernardino Zaccagni;
  • Giovan Francesco Zaccagni;
  • Antonio da Sangallo the Young.   

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