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ristoranti mezzani

ristoranti mezzani

Altitude: mt 27 | Distance from the provincial capital: Km 17 | Zip Code: 43055 | Phone code: 0521 | Surface area: Km2 28, 65

Town madeby various villages along the river Po, between the rivers Parma and Enza. There are lots of poplars cultivations the natural reserve “Parma Morta”, an area of 65 hectares, which represents a refuge for tree and animal species that have disappeared from much of the plains. It’s territory is subjected to floods and floods; in order to avoid damages, it was made a plan for the hydraulic safety of the great river with the raising and the reshaping of the levees. The City Hall is located in the village of Casale. Recently Mezzani has joined Sorbolo; they have a unique administration in order to take advantages in the offer of administrative and social services.

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