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La Steccata

The construction of the Basilica of Santa Maria Steccata began in 1521 and finished in 1539 and it was dedicated to Mary, mother o Jesus.
Since 1718 is the seat of the Order Constantinian. In 2008 it became minor Basilica.

The construction of the Parco Ducale is dued to the Duke Ottavio Farnese, who commisioned the architect Giovanni Boscoli in 1561 to build a new home.
In 1690 the Duke Ranuccio Farnese for the wedding of his son, Edward Farnese, built in front of the villa a huge fishpond.

La Cittadella

The Citadel is a military fortress with a pentagonal shape, built around 1591 by the Duke Alessandro Farnese and finished in 1599 by Duke Ranuccio Farnese.
Born as a defensive fortress, it has ramparts and moats; it was used as a prison, barracks, and also as a place of executions.

The Palazzo della Pilotta, also called simply the Pilotta.
The name comes from the game of pelota, practiced by the Spanish soldiers in the courtyard of Guazzatoio, originally said precisely of pelota.
Built around 1580, during the last years of the Duchy of Ottavio Farnese.

The Regio Theater of Parma is without doubt one of the most important theaters of Italian opera tradition.
According to the will of Duchess Maria Luigia, the theater was designed by architect Nicola Bettoli. It was built in 1821 and ended in 1829 and it could hold 1.800 seats (now 1092).

The Abbey of San Giovanni was built between 1510 and it was completed in 1519.
It was commissioned by Bishop Sigefredo II in a Baroque architectural style.
The project was defined by the architect Bernardino Zaccagni.

The construction of the Baptistery of Parma started in 1196 and ended in 1270.
The original project was defined by Benedetto Antelami who began the decorations in 1196 (see inscriptions on the portal).

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is located in the Cathedral Square next to the Baptistry and in front of the Bishop Palace.
In June 1834 Pope Gregory XVI has declared it minor basilica.

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